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A business group with a prominent history on Sales, Know – How, Start Up and After Sales

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Food Machineries

Potato Processing Lines: 
Being expertise in food process engineering, we have established quite a good background on the same, especially Potato Processing Lines. We are able to offer the below production lines from know-how to start-up: 

a) French Fries Processing Lines 
b) Chips Processing Lines 
c) Potato Flakes Processing Lines 
d) Potato Pellets Processing Lines 

About Navaz Group 


We, the Navaz Group, provide our clients with the sales of machineries & equipment and know – how transfer of a complete production line in the fields of Food Industries, Packaging & Bottling, PET Bottle/ Preform. 

Established on 1985, the group has benefited industrial sales experts to achieve client's satisfaction through maintaining reputable services. The group believes in client support, which enables us to move on a progressive line of business. 

Not only dominating with the sales on the above fields, but also we have achieved a valuable back ground on customer care through guarantee, after sales and maintenance services. 

We are proud to support our clients with commercial assistance through financing the whole project or sales of the lines.