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Packaging (Machinery & Raw material)

Packaging is always concerned as a key factor in market domination of a specific product. While we support our clients from the very beginning stage of food processing lines, we do care about the finished product's characteristics and packaging requirements.

• Packaging Machineries for all kinds of finished products (Dried, liquid and semi-liquid) from Dairy Products, Mineral Water (Filling machines), Tomato Paste, and Ketchup to Snacks, Deep Frozen products and etc. is adjacent to our other supply lines.

• Flexible Packaging material (With or without Aluminum) is provided for almost every purpose, to handle the food industries packaging needs in different fields such as Doy Pack Films and Pouches for fruit juice production, Reels and 3-Side sealed envelopes for Vacuum packaging (For Dairy Products and meat), Packaging material for Snacks and deep frozen products (French Fries, Vegetables, Meat), Reels – Bags- Envelopes for dry products such as coffee.

• Cups and Cartons/ Gable Top Cartons for dairy and fruit juice industries.


Cups and Cartons

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